Repairing the Cord-Fix Tag Line

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Should I change the Cord-Fix tag line to better suit SEO?


Not too long ago, I had an idea how to repair fraying iPhone and MacBook charger cables. It would quickly and easily brush on to the frayed part of the USB cord. It would dry fast, adhere permanently, and stay flexible under all conditions.

Then, once I had developed the product, it needed a name. That was simple: Cord-Fix. The name explains exactly what the product does. When a customer wonders how to fix their charging cord, the answer is right there. Cord-Fix. Easy.

But Cord-Fix also needed a tag line. This took me longer to figure out. I did a lot of research and had finally settled on “Liquid Repair Tape.” Why? I borrowed it from two other sort-of similar kinds of products. The first is often just called “liquid electrical tape.” It’s black goo that electricians brush onto bare wires in places that regular electrical tape is not practical. (Why you shouldn’t use it to fix your charger cords is the topic for another blog post,. For now, trust me, don’t.) The other is a product called a “liquid bandage” which is a mysteriously painful liquid that you brush over cuts. As with the aforementioned electrical product, it is used where a regular bandage wont work. That was the inspiration for Cord-Fix’s tag line of Liquid Repair Tape.

But as recent readers are aware, I am also immersing myself in the world of keyword searches and search engine optimization. There’s a WordPress plugin called Yoast that I’m testing out, while also obsessively reading their blog on how to get customers to “beat a path to my door” so to speak. So I’ve been doing lots of keyword searching on Google to see where my product currently falls in the whole search engine universe.

By the way, a lot of this SEO keyword stuff can be applied to searches on Amazon, where Cord-Fix is also available. But that’s a whole other world of fascinating confabulation.

What I have discovered is that my keywords “cord” and “fix” are a pretty popular combination. That means that in my short time doing this, I’m not having much luck breaking into the first page of Google, which is the Holy Grail of all SEO managers. As I learn more about this world, and as I continually add content and improvements to, my rankings will hopefully improve.

The really cool discovery I made is the importance of my tag line in searches. Google search “Cord-Fix Liquid” and boom, my website, blog, and Amazon pages all appear in the first 20 results. Wow. That’s pretty okay for the new kid on the block. Having that third keyword somehow differentiates me enough to return superior search results.

Now the question becomes, do I want this newly-discovered, all-important third word to be…”liquid?” If I don’t, then what do I want this third word to be? It still has to make sense in the context of a tag line for a variety of other marketing purposes. And be keyword search friendly and relevant.

My current thinking is “repair gel,’ as in Cord-Fix Repair Gel should be my new tag line. Is this how it ends up, will Repair Gel be my new tag line for Cord-Fix? Keep tuning in and we’ll find out together.