Frequently Asked Questions about Cord-Fix Liquid Repair Tape


What is Cord-Fix?
Cord-Fix is a liquid plastic that patches, seals and protects fraying low-voltage power cords. It’s designed specifically to repair frayed charging cables, such as USB and lightening cables, for portable electronic devices. It dries fast and stays flexible, creating a strong, long-lasting repair to frayed cords.

What will Cord-Fix repair?
Cord-Fix can repair any plastic-wrapped, low-voltage wire. It’s ideal to fix fraying charging cables for iPhones, iPads, iPods, tablets and most other devices. Cord-Fix works on USB, lightening, 30-pin, and micro USB cords. Cord-Fix can also repair frays in ear buds, headphones, game controllers and any other low-voltage cable.

Can Cord-Fix be used on regular-voltage electrical cords?
No. Cord-Fix is for low-voltage cords only.

How is Cord-Fix applied?
First unplug the cord from all electrical sources. If necessary, clean the frayed area using isopropyl alcohol to remove any dirt and grease. Then apply Cord-Fix using the bottle’s built-in brush cap. Brush the liquid across and around the entire fray, filling in all the gaps. A video tutorial is here. Cord-Fix dries fast, so work quickly and tightly replace the cap as soon as you’re done. Apply additional coats as needed.

When should I use Cord-Fix?
We recommend using Cord-Fix as soon as a fray appears in the cable’s plastic covering. Don’t delay! Waiting until the fray grows larger will require using more Cord-Fix to repair the fray. Waiting could also increase the chances that the inner wires will snap, thereby rendering your cable non-functional.

Can Cord-Fix repair a non-working cord?

How long until Cord-Fix is dry?
Your repair should be dry to the touch in 3-5 minutes. It is fully cured in 24 hours.

How many coats are necessary?
We recommend at least two coats, to insure complete coverage over the repaired area. Apply the first coat, allow to dry, then apply a second coat. Repeat as needed.

Will the repaired cord look new again?
Alas, no. A Cord-Fix repair is plainly visible, much like scar tissue over a healed wound. But we think it looks great and that we should proudly show off our repaired cords, as we discussed here!

What color is Cord-Fix?
Cord-Fix is a clear liquid that becomes translucent when dry.

How many frays can a bottle of Cord-Fix, fix?
We estimate that one bottle can repair up to ten frayed cords. That assumes two coats on a fray about 1/2 inch long. Your milage, of course, may vary.

My charging cable is really, really frayed. Can I still use Cord-Fix?
Yes, but common sense should apply here. If most of your cable’s plastic covering has frayed off, it simply might be more practical and economical to buy a new cord. Next time, just use Cord-Fix much sooner, when the fraying first begins!

Can Cord-Fix be used to prevent frays from happening?
Yes. We are currently testing Cord-Fix prophylactically on inexpensive ear buds, with excellent results!

Where can I find the Materials Safety Data Sheet for Cord-Fix?
The Cord-Fix MSDS can be found here.

Still have a question?
The Cord-Fix contact form is here. We look forward to hearing your questions and comments!