Charger Cable Fraying?

Fix it fast with Cord-Fix Liquid Repair Tape!

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Tired of buying replacement charger cords? Then save money by repairing them yourself! Cord-Fix Liquid Repair Tape patches and re-coats any frayed low-voltage power cable. It’s fast and easy! Simply brush Cord-Fix onto the frayed cord to mend and protect the cable against further damage. It works on all sizes and brands of cables, including iPhone/iPad/iPod USB and lightening cords. Also works on broken tablet, notebook, laptop and MacBook cables, game controllers cords, ear bud and headphone wires, and virtually any other low-voltage vinyl-wrapped cable!

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“So far I have repaired 3 frayed cords. It was quick, easy and effective. Can’t ask for more.
Cord-Fix fixed my charging cables.”
A. Miller – New York

Watch this video

to learn how

to fix a

fraying USB

charging cable!

CF brush from indd box final 90CW
“My four kids were driving me crazy replacing their broken iPhone charger cords.
Cord-Fix repairs the frays and saves me a bundle!”

K. Hanley – Colorado


CF brush from indd box final 90CW
“This stuff is awesome! It totally fixed my laptop charger cable!”
J. Fletcher – North Carolina


Wondering how to
repair a frayed
charger cable?

The answer is simple:
Cord-Fix Liquid Repair Tape.

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CF brush from indd box final 90CW
“Fantastic product!! It lives up to its name and delivers on its promise — frayed cords are fixed simply and quickly. Plus you don’t have to use much for it to be effective, which means there’s plenty left for any future needs.”
S. Levine – Florida