Building a Better Mousetrap



“Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.”

At least, that’s the legend, as attributed to American essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson. It’s since become the mantra of every entrepreneur: Innovate hard, create a great product, and the customers will start pouring in. But let me tell you, as I’ve discovered over my 30-year career as an entrepreneur, the reality is a little more complicated.

Cord-Fix is easily that product. It’s truly a better mousetrap. If your USB cable is frayed, Cord-Fix will repair it quickly and easily. Everyone who tries it agrees: Cord-Fix works.

The trick is getting people to see and learn about Cord-Fix!

Getting a new product noticed by the public is a real challenge. The sheer amount of merchandise available for sale both in stores and online is staggering. Back in the 20th Century, it used to be that in order to tell consumers about your product and to drive demand, you advertised your product, either in print or via TV and radio. That’s what we called marketing in olden times.

But the marketing world is vastly different now than it was back then, thanks to search engines like Google and merchants like Amazon. Today it’s all about keywords. What are keywords? Keywords are like descriptive breadcrumbs that somehow describe a specific aspect of your product, or of your target market, or of the problem it solves, or the solution it offers, and that web crawlers will follow to determine your worthiness of ranking within the vastness of search results.

Keyword marketing is a kind of linguistic product deconstructionism. The marketer’s job is to break down their product into a cloud of words that somehow individually and collectively define that product’s place in the world. Each keyword is a piece of the product puzzle; put all the pieces together and viola, a product picture that will be easily served up to consumers via Google and Amazon.

Keywords are the fairy dust of marketing today — sprinkle them around liberally, and via the magic of tubes that are today’s internet, potential customers will arrive at your metaphorical door

And that, folks, is why I’m here. I’m blogging my soul out to tell you to stop replacing your charger cords and buy Cord-Fix. Is your charger cable frayed? Do you want to fix your charging cord? Tired of spending money replacing broken USB cords? Want to repair your lightening cable for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad? Then Cord-Fix is for you!

There, did you see it? I just sprinkled you in key word fairy dust. Now, perhaps, the internet will notice.