Introducing Cord-Fix

So what is Cord-Fix?

Cord-Fix is a brand new, easy way to fix those annoying frayed charger cords. iPhone users know exactly what I’m talking about, but it can happen to any frequent user of mobile computing devices such as laptops, tablets or other brands of mobile phones.

Cord-Fix can easily repair these frayed charger cables. Photo © Cord-Fix.

The fraying typically occurs at the junction where the cord meets the plug. This is the area where the charging cable gets the most stress, bending and stretching during daily use.

The fraying pattern is fairly typical. First, the wire’s vinyl covering at the joint will begin to bulge. Then the cover separates from the plug, leaving a gap. Then, as the vinyl cord cover begins to peel away the wires inside become visible. Left unchecked, those now-exposed wires will soon snap. Once the wires themselves break, you will have to replace the entire cable with a new charger cord.

The cord type doesn’t matter. It happens to USB cords, mini-USB cords, lightning cables, 30-pin cords, laptop charger cords and many other low voltage power cords. This same fraying or breaking also happens to headphones, ear buds, and game controllers.

So stop replacing, and start fixing! One bottle of Cord-Fix can repair up to a dozen charger cables, saving you the time and expense of having to buy replacement cords. So order your bottle of Cord-Fix today. You’ll be glad that you did!