The Bloginning

Honestly, I don’t enjoy blogging. Perhaps you know someone who can talk ad infinitum about a given topic. That’s not me. I’m simply not a person who has an endless amount of stuff to say. Sure I can talk about stuff I’m really interested in, and believe me, I’m interested in Cord-Fix. As the inventor, founder, president, assistant president, receptionist, etc etc of Cord-Fix, I certainly have a lot of information about Cord-Fix crammed into my noggin. But getting it out? Regularly, like every week? Well, we’ll see how this goes. I’m skeptical that I’ll be able to keep this going for very long.

But, as also the Director of Sales and Marketing, it’s my job to get the word out about Cord-Fix, and what a fabulous product it is. In the 21st Century, that means blogging about it. And then Tweeting about it. And Facebooking, and Pintresting, and Instagraming. Perhaps you’re here, reading this now, because you heard about Cord-Fix through one of these mediums. (If so, I’d love it if you dropped me a note about how you found us.)

So here it goes.

Welcome to Cord-Fix!

And that’s all I got. You’ll have to tune in to my next post for more.