Website v2.0 is now live!

I can admit it now – the first design version of needed some help. Some of you are probably nodding your head in agreement. It was not exactly cutting edge. Totally my fault, as I was determined to figure out how to design it myself, and clearly I was (and still am) not a trained web designer.

But look at now! The design upgrade is looking pretty sweet, if I do say so myself. The home page has been completely redesigned to be fully responsive, which is tech-speak meaning that the page size automatically resizes for any size screen, including for mobile devices. It has an explainer video. It has info graphics. It has Call To Action buttons. Woo hoo!



A big help in the redesign was that I already had a color scheme based on the logo, labels and packaging that I’d previously developed. As a fine art photographer, I am also able to create and manipulate my own photo files, which is a huge benefit. And as a longtime WordPress abuser, I had the skill set to at least improve on the previous version. Also, kudos to my WordPress theme from It provided me with a good, stable starting place from which to attempt my vision.

Design-wise, my focus was to tell the very simple story of Cord-Fix. I’ve designed a lot of marketing materials, and am a big believer in the “maxi-marketing” school of Thomas Collins (with whom I also had the pleasure of having lunch once long ago). So the headline has one job – to help a reader to quickly and easily decide if my product can solve their problem. A question is a great way to do that. “Charger cable fraying?” together with a picture of frayed USB cords is the story in a nutshell.

Yes, I know that more improvements are needed, and that very soon I will be working on v3.0. But for now, the site is looking mighty fine, IMHO.